Simplifhy’s training courses dedicated to hydrogen technology applications

28 Apr 2022

Through our consulting service, we offer to companiesthe opportunity to participate in training courses dedicated to hydrogen technology applications.

Specifically, we offer a general overview of the green hydrogen topic and the importance of application solutions based on the use of this element.

In our courses we also analyse real applicationaspects, e.g. we talk about the design and implementation of ‘custom-made’ hydrogen systems.

Finally, in order to offer a comprehensive service, we help to find out what are the governmentand European regulations and incentivesrelated to hydrogen technology applications and how they can be received.

Modular courses for hydrogen technology applications

Our training courses are modularand dedicated to companies that want to approach the world of decarbonisation and green hydrogen technology applications.

In particular, we have decided to structure the courses as follows:

  • introduction to hydrogen theme and its applications
  • ad hoc in-depth studies

The introductory lesson on the world of hydrogen and its applications lasts one working day and can be conducted either onlineor in person.

This first course provides an insight into the advantages of hydrogen, the technologies required to set up a system and the regulations that apply to this topic.

After the first training day, depending on individual needs, companies can request additional customised courses.

In this way, each interlocutor can benefit from the ad hoc in-depth training needed to learn, design and implement hydrogen technology systems that are useful to their market.

The importance of Simplifhy training courses and advisory services

We strongly believe that consulting services and training courses on hydrogen technologies are essential to help companies understand the full potentialof a carbon-free working process:

  1. Firstly, because embarking on a decarbonisation path to try to achieve energy independence, thanks to alternative energy sources, becomes more and more imperative every day.
  2. Secondly, because hydrogen from renewable sources plays a strategic role in the energy transition process.

Contact us to find out more about our consultancy service and training courses dedicated to hydrogen applications.

In Simplifhy we offer strategies and systems for the decarbonisation of industry, through deployment of Hydrogen-based technologies as an alternative fuel.

Our plants are tailoredaccording to the necessities of each specific project.

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