The New Hydrogen Laboratory promoted by Simplifhy and Fondazione ITS GREEN in Vimercate

19 Jun 2024

We at Simplifhy have signed an agreement with the ITS GREEN of Vimercate Foundation for the creation of a sophisticated laboratory dedicated to hydrogen.

This infrastructure will allow students of the Foundation to engage in research and experimentation activities, as well as the simulation of technical-scientific processes, through the use of advanced hydrogen-based equipment.

What does ITS GREEN of Vimercate do?

ITS Green is a Higher Technical Institute that designs and delivers post-diploma specialization courses related to energy, the environment, and sustainable construction.

In particular, ITS Green courses are tailored to meet the growing demand from companies for specialized personnel ready to enter the workforce. This aspect differentiates ITS from any other type of post-diploma training and guarantees graduates a very high employment rate.

The ITS courses last two years. The first year features experiential training with teachers, professionals, and specialist technicians, including technical-practical content, project work, company meetings, and laboratories.

The second year is almost entirely conducted in a company with an operational internship accompanied by a company tutor and an ITS GREEN tutor.

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The currently available courses are:


  • Digital Marketing of Energy Services
  • Digital Energy Specialist for Digital Energy Systems and Plants
  • High-Efficiency Thermotechnical Systems
  • Sustainable Mobility Infrastructure and Digital Applications
  • Innovation Manager for Energy and Environment
  • Ecological Transition Systems for Waste Treatment and Water Management

What does the new hydrogen laboratory at ITS GREEN in Vimercate offer

Our agreement with Fondazione ITSGREEN includes the establishment of an advanced hydrogen laboratory located at ITSGREEN in Vimercate (MB). This laboratory offers the institute’s students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in research, experimentation, and simulation of technical-scientific processes, thanks to the use of sophisticated hydrogen-based equipment.

This partnership is based on a collaboration that began in 2022, allowing us to contribute to the educational design and teaching in key areas such as transport decarbonization and the use of hydrogen technologies.

The laboratory includes cutting-edge modules for hydrogen production, AEM technologies, PEM fuel cells, hydrogen compression systems, and innovative hydrogen storage solutions.

Important integrated safety systems and automation and visualization solutions will also be featured, allowing advanced customization of research activities.

Marina Perego, Director of ITSGREEN, emphasized the importance of the collaboration:

“The alliance with Simplifhy represents a significant added value for our Foundation. The laboratory will not only enrich our students’ educational path but also introduce them to revolutionary technologies that play a crucial role in combating climate change.”

    Simplifhy’s Commitment to Hydrogen Training and Research

    The core of our collaboration with Fondazione ITSGREEN is a joint commitment to educational excellence in the field of sustainable mobility, with a particular focus on hydrogen.

    We at Simplifhy have significantly contributed to the educational design and implementation of the ITS course in “Sustainable Mobility – Infrastructure and Applications”. Specifically, we have focused on the theme of transport decarbonization through the adoption of hydrogen technologies.
    This initiative stands as a fundamental pillar in the curriculum, offering students an in-depth understanding of future energy solutions.

    The collaboration has been further enriched by a training internship program, directly involving three students in a 900-hour path between theory and practice. Through these immersive experiences, students are exposed to real and cutting-edge scenarios that prepare them to enter the professional sector competently.

    Additionally, we played a key role in exploring the theme of green hydrogen as a lever for technological and industrial conversion. This was realized in a “Current Affairs Laboratory” organized by ITSGREEN, with the active participation of students from all courses offered by the Foundation.
    The event represented an important learning opportunity, emphasizing the centrality of green hydrogen in the global energy landscape.

    The synergy between Simplifhy and ITSGREEN translates into an enriching path for students, equipping them not only with advanced technical knowledge but also practical experiences. This allows them to integrate into a dynamic and innovative industrial ecosystem, ready to welcome them as future professionals in the sustainable energy sector.

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      In Simplifhy we offer strategies and systems for the decarbonisation of industry, through deployment of Hydrogen-based technologies as an alternative fuel.

      Our plants are tailoredaccording to the necessities of each specific project.

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