Simplifhy Participates in ITIS Marconi’s Day 2024

27 Jun 2024

We at Simplifhy participated in the Marconi’s Day 2024 event organized on June 1st at ITIS Marconi in Dalmine, Bergamo province.

This year marked the tenth edition of Marconi’s Day, featuring awards for student groups who were winners of the Hackathon #ideasforfuture.

The project involved numerous companies from the following sectors:

  • Equal opportunities
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Mobility

Among the projects developed in the energy sector, some stood out with a focus on hydrogen.

The Hackathon #ideasforfuture on Energy at ITIS Marconi

The Hackathon #ideasforfuture focused on energy engaged 20 student groups.

Over several weeks, students worked on their projects during breaks between classes and afternoon activities.

Specifically, the objective was to create innovative ideas in the field of energy. Students presented their projects to an expert jury on May 30th and 31st.

Finally, the best works were awarded on June 1st during Marconi’s Day.

Projects Developed by ITIS Marconi Students Dedicated to Hydrogen

Among the projects proposed by students, three particularly interesting ones focused on hydrogen:

Hydro Storage Project: Simplifhy awarded this project as the best hydrogen solution. The group designed a new concept hydrogen tanker, aimed at improving safety and the quantity of transported hydrogen. It featured an internal ceramic coating to mitigate heat issues and specialized hydrogen leak sensors for protective solutions.

H2 Innovator Project: This solution involved hydrogen production for residential boilers. For this work, students demonstrated an electrolysis solution with a water bottle live.

HIDRO Project: This project addressed hydrogen transport using an organic liquid capable of trapping H2. Each molecule of this liquid can trap 12 molecules of H2, making it highly suitable for safe hydrogen transport.

    Simplifhy’s Contribution to the Hydrogen Sector and Commitment to School Partnerships

    We at Simplifhy were invited to contribute as experts in the hydrogen sector, in collaboration with our partner ITS Green.

    ITS GREEN is a Higher Technical Institute that designs and delivers post-diploma specialization courses related to energy, the environment, and sustainable construction.

    Specifically, we conducted a session at ITIS Marconi focused on the fundamental role of hydrogen in energy decarbonization.

    Furthermore, we presented a challenge to students within the Hackathon #ideasforfuture, asking them to propose innovative solutions to make hydrogen a viable option for industrial decarbonization.

    In the following weeks, student groups worked on developing mobility, residential, and industrial solutions.

    We firmly believe that enabling young individuals to identify solutions for decarbonization is a shared objective.
    Our expertise can engage and motivate young people to become aware actors and leaders in the energy transition towards a greener future.

    Contact us for more information about our educational activities for schools.

      In Simplifhy we offer strategies and systems for the decarbonisation of industry, through deployment of Hydrogen-based technologies as an alternative fuel.

      Our plants are tailoredaccording to the necessities of each specific project.

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