Enapter and Simplifhy partnership: agreement signed to produce green hydrogen in industrial applications

25 Oct 2022

Simplifhy has signed a partnership with Enapter, a German manufacturer of highly efficient hydrogen generators with patented AEM (Anion Exchange Membrane) technology.

Under this agreement, Simplifhy will use Enapter’s AEM technology to produce green hydrogen in industrial applications and in decentralised configurations on the Italian market.

In particular, the aim is to build hydrogen plants in Italy that meet the performance and cost requirements of industry, agriculture and off-grid applications.

Indeed, Enapter’s technology approach allows the highest cost reductions for hydrogen production in distributed applications.

Simplifhy’s commitment to partnership with Enapter

Simplifhy intends to integrate Enapter’s patented AEM technology into green hydrogen production plants complete with the necessary infrastructure and ancillary services, and to maintain and operate them if required by the customer.

Indeed, the aim of the partnership is to provide the Italian market with Enapter’s solutions, integrated with the engineering and construction skills required to build hydrogen plants provided by Simplifhy.

The common goal of the collaboration between Simplifhy and Enapter is to build hydrogen production plants that meet the performance and demands of the industry.

Enapter: Simplifhy partner for the production of highly efficient hydrogen generators

Under this partnership, Enapter will supply Simplifhy with AEM electrolysers ranging in size from 2.5 kW to 1 MW, capable of producing up to 450 kg of hydrogen per day.

Enapter is an innovative energy technology company that produces highly efficient hydrogen generators to replace fossil fuels and thus drive the global energy transition.

AEM’s patented technology enables the mass production of plug-and-play green hydrogen electrolysers at low cost and at any scale.

Specifically, the modular systems are already in use in 52 countries in the energy, mobility, industrial, heating and telecommunication sectors.

We at Simplifhy are the first solution provider in Italy totally focused on providing decarbonisation solutions based on hydrogen technologies.

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In Simplifhy we offer strategies and systems for the decarbonisation of industry, through deployment of Hydrogen-based technologies as an alternative fuel.

Our plants are tailoredaccording to the necessities of each specific project.

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