Electricity storage in off-grid sites

19 Apr 2022

The storage of electricity is essential in the case of plants or structures located in remote places (not covered by the electricity grid), however traditional batteries have a duration that is too limited in time to be used constantly for a long time.

The ideal solution in these cases is the generation of hydrogen because it can be stored for a long time and reused when needed.

HYPER-GEN is our completely carbon free proposal for the storage of electricity in remote construction sites or in sites not accessible to the public grid network.
Let’s find out more about this product.

HYPER-GEN, the fully carbon free integrated system

HYPER-GEN is an integrated system that is powered by only renewable sources and allows remote construction sites to become autonomous in a totally decarbonised way.

Thanks to carbon free technology, the HYPER-GEN system has a significant impact on the progressive reduction of CO2 emissions and air pollution.

HYPER-GEN, in fact, does not use fossil fuels and allows the production of green hydrogen continuously. This is possible thanks to the presence of elements such as:

  • electrolysis systems powered by solar panels
  • telescopic vertical axis wind generator

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of modular fuel cells, our solution allows to generate high quantities of electrical energy both in the form of direct and alternating current.

The green hydrogen solution for the European tender

Aware of the impact that green hydrogen solutions, such as HYPER-GEN, can have worldwide, we have decided to apply for the European EIC Accelerator call from Horizon Europe.

The EIC Accelerator is one of the tools with which the European Commission aims to support companies with a highly innovative vocation.

The purpose of the funding is to develop and grow breakthrough innovations in order to create potential new markets or modify existing ones.

For our part, we are strongly convinced that the spread of the HYPER-GEN system can contribute significantly to the improvement of energy markets.

Firstly, HYPER-GEN makes electricity generation:

  • reliable
  • highly available
  • without noise pollution
  • monitorata a distanza, attraverso la sala di controllo remoto operativa h24/7

Secondly, deciding to use green hydrogen solutions such as HYPER-GEN means choosing to actively contribute to the protection of our Planet:

  • reducing CO2 emissions
  • reducing air pollution

Contact us to get more information on HYPER-GEN and find the carbon free technological solution suitable for your system.

In Simplifhy we offer strategies and systems for the decarbonisation of industry, through deployment of Hydrogen-based technologies as an alternative fuel.

Our plants are tailoredaccording to the necessities of each specific project.

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